What do I get in my monthly OddBox?

OddBox is a monthly t-shirt subscription service. Each month, all of our members will receive the same strange t-shirt in the size and style they selected when they subscribed.

In addition to the t-shirt, each OddBox contains an apology letter, information about that month’s t-shirt artist, a pre-stamped postcard so you can write a note to a friend or stranger, and a small collection other weird things.

Why can’t I view the t-shirt designs on your website?

If we displayed the designs on our site, we’d kill the most fun part about OddBox - the moment of surprise when you open OddBox each month.

Additionally, once we ship a t-shirt, that design will never be shipped again. You can not purchase old OddBox designs. The confusion and delight associated with our t-shirts is the exclusive property of those who were subscribers when it was released.

We guarantee that our shirts will cause points, stares, and the frequent query, “what’s that supposed to mean?”

Who designs your t-shirts?

We love artists. While the shirt concepts are all ours, we hand them off to a new designer each month to ensure that each shirt is unique and expertly crafted. We pay our designers for their work, because asking artists to do stuff for free is disrespectful and mean. Additionally, each box will be accompanied by a short bio of the artist, and information on where you can find more of their work.

If you’re an artist that would like to get in on this sweet, sweet action, drop us an email. We‘d love to add you to our list of odd, talented friends.

Why is there a stamped postcard in my OddBox?

It’s fun to get things in the mail. That’s probably why you enjoy receiving our monthly colorful box o’ surprises. We encourage you to pay that forward each month by penning a note to a friend or a stranger. The postage is on us.

We hope that tiny act of human communication chips lightly at the burden of loneliness and despair that characterize life as an odd person.